Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welcome to March ...

I think you will all love the inspiration photograph this month :) - so very many possibilities with this one!

The obvious thing about this delightful image is the colour red, you could just run with that this month or combine it with the secondary colours of brown, yellow and white/cream.

Then we have shoes .... red sparkly shoes to be exact.  Do you immediately think of Dorothy and The Wizard of OZ like I do?  Perhaps these remind you of shoes you once owned in your youth or even own to this very day.  Maybe they remind you of a lovely story involving shoes you might like to tell.

We have a suitcase which may well prompt you to do a travel page about wonderful journeys you have made or dream you could make.  Maybe these remind you of vintage suitcases you see portrayed in old family photographs, perhaps the clothes inside remind you of tales yet to tell involving various items of apparel.

This is how our team was inspired ...

For this months inspiration I have done a journal page inspired bu the image itself and the colours used.  The background is done with a tissue paper technique and using inks etc.
Hope you join in this great challenge this month with us at Pixels and Paper ..

Another great challenge this month. I knew what photo to use as soon as I saw it.To add a little red and sparkle I cut slots in my paper and attached the sequined material underneath. Hope you can join us in this fun challenge!

Well, my original plan for the March inspiration picture was to create something red... but my creative wanderings led me down a totally different path! I took inspiration from the gorgeous shoes, and added some sparkle too.

This month's challenge spoke to me of  " The Wizard of Oz" with the red shoes reminding me of the ones the character Dorothy wore. Then I had a change of mind as I had recently come across a delightful book by Juliet O'Conor, which was a compilation of some of Australia's illustrated children's books.  In this, was an illustration from the book 'Pamela finds the Rainbow Castle' written and illustrated  by Babs McDonald in 1947.... and Pamela was wearing.... red shoes!

I've copied the illustration and put this onto a sprayed, rainbow-coloured background. Some flowers, made from sprayed and crumpled tissue paper,and glitter flourishes were added. These reflect the crumpled contents of the box and the glittery red shoes. 

Looking at the  inspiration picture of this gorgeous suit case or treasure chest, I was inspired by the colours and thinking of some photos of the kids I took of them in the Christmas holiday,  visiting a Smoothie parlour inspired by the American Soda Pop parlours in the '60-70s. The kids was sitting in the "egg shaped" booths spinning around having fun, so I treasured these memories by taking photos to be used on a scrapbooking page :)

 I loved the red and the fancy shoes. that led me to the photo of my daughter with her high heels on for the Fall dance. I used lots of red and pink on my page.

I was inspired by the red shoes, which got me thinking of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and this wonderful quote from the movie about how Dorothy had the power to make her own wish come true all along; I like to think we ALL have that power!

Don't think it is a secret what inspired me from this image :)  I have used many of the colours found in the photograph.


Please upload the DIRECT link to your actual entry to the link tool on the LEFT by 11.55pm on March 31st.

You are welcome to submit traditional paper layouts, art journals, divided page protectors, smash books (etc). Digital entries are welcomed and encouraged.  All entries must be new for this challenge and no back-linking please.

  I am happy for you to combine with two other challenges but the essence of the Pixels and Paper inspiration must be clear in your work. Combining with a sketch and technique/product challenge would be preferred. Please include our inspirational picture as well as provide a link back to Pixels and Paper on your blog post and don't forget to tell us how you were inspired. International submissions are welcome.

This year we will have two main prize packs - one will be selected by Creative Team vote and the other purely by random draw - so anyone could be a winner, no matter your style or your level of experience.  All these prizes will be available to anyone, no matter your country of residence.  We will also offer one entrant a chance to guest with us for the following month and they will also receive a small prize.

Please come back on the 8th when we will announce the winners for February.


  1. Terrific inspo pic and CT examples.

  2. Is there a special prize for the scrapper who makes the highest number of projects LOL?!
    I made 9 :)