Thursday, 22 June 2017

June team training ...

Welcome to our last edition of Team Training brought to you by team member, Karen Brierley.

I am the first to admit I am a messy scrapper.  I love to spread out and use up every available bit of space on the dining room table. My family has sometimes gone for days without using that particular surface for its intended purpose...

So I thought I'd share my process for tidying up my mess, and what I do with my scraps. First, anything around 4"x8" or bigger is stored away by brand. Most of my papers are sorted by brand name.

Then, I sort my other offcuts and scraps roughly by colour group. I’m not too fussy with this but it makes scrapping by colour much easier. I store them in ziplock bags.  Those people who are familiar with my layouts may have have noticed that I scrap a lot of monochromatic layouts, or layouts with just one or two colours, often on white background.

When I start a new project I almost always start with the scraps on my desk!  If I use them up first, I don't need to tidy them away...

For this tutorial, I followed exactly that process.

1.  I sorted my scraps by colour group:

2.  I selected a pile to work with (aqua/teal tones) and shuffled them around a bit to create a background:

3.   I added a few journaling cards to the mix, and added my photograph.  At this stage I start sticking everything down.

4.   I added a touch of doodling.  I do this a lot on my layouts - it's fun, it's a personal touch, and it unifies the elements.

5.   I added some simple embellishments and some journaling... DONE.

You don't need a lot of product to create a fun scrapbook page.  I encourage you to make the most of your scraps, and have fun creating art with what you've got!

Don't forget to have your entry in for our final challenge this month. Some lovely prizes on offer - one prize by vote and another completely by random draw. Please remember we only accept combining our challenge with a sketch challenge.

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